Chopped Tomatoes-1-2


Fresh Mint-few



In a non-stick fry pan Roast kasha for 3-4 min. Until it releases a nutty aroma. Then Cook in a water for 5-10Min, Don’t overcook or else it will turn saugy, Remove from heat. Let it cool. In a separate non-Stick Fry pan soft cook Or saute veg, & Then add all the pre cooked kasha. Add lemon juice.

Ready to eat

Benefits of Kasha

Healthy Blood Pressure: Each cup of cooked kasha supplies 148 mg potassium and only 7 mg sodium.

Low-Glycemic: Kasha, or cooked buckwheat, has a low glycemic index, which means it does not have the potential to spike your blood sugar levels as severely as high-glycemic foods.

Buckwheat is good at drawing out retained water and excess fluid from swollen areas of the body.

Fat alternative: Buckwheat starch can also act as a fat alternative in processed foods.

Non allergenic: Buckwheat hulls are used as pillow stuffing for those allergic to feathers, dust, and pollen.

Great for the digestion. The properties of buck wheat are: Neutral thermal nature; sweet flavor; cleans and strengthens the intestines and improves appetite.

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