Many of us struggle daily to control or manage our body weight. Our body weight depends on the metabolism i.e. the rate at which our body converts calories into energy. In simple terms, it determines how efficiently the body utilizes the energy released. Metabolic rate varies from person to person and depends upon the lifestyle you carry. Food plays a significant role in boosting one’s metabolism. Here is a checklist of food products; you must include your diet to maintain weight by boosting metabolism:
1)Vitamin D enriched products- tofu, fish, egg, mushrooms and soya must be included in your dietary plan as deficiency of vitamin D can simply ruin your metabolism. Sunlight is a powerful source but our schedules do not allow us to intake enough of it.
2)Dairy products- milk and yogurt speed up your metabolism as milk is a rich source of calcium and yogurt being rich in probiotics, helps in digestion and keeps you cool. Also, cottage cheese is help in building, maintaining and repairing muscles as it is a power pact source of protein.
3)Green Tea green tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols which aids in weight loss and has numerous health benefits. It also contains a special plant component called ECGC which burns fat.
4)Nuts and Seeds- nutty delights are great source of energy and powerful metabolism boosters. Nuts like almonds, walnuts etc are rich in protein and your body needs to burn more fats to digest these. On the other hand, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seed all help in boosting your metabolism.
5)Fish- Fish is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and boost up your metabolic rate. Also the fish oil can increase the fat burning enzymes in your body.

Include these foods in your diet plan and experience the weight loss. Also, consult your medical nutritionist to get a customized diet plan.

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