Changiarh 2014

The medical committee of MCM DAV

College organized a Diet Wellness program in collaboration with dietitian shreya family diet clinic to foster amongest the students a better understanding of food and health in our daily lives the wellness program included group couseling and talk on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. she addresssed the Major lifestyle disease and ways to prevent them by interducicing changes in our day to day eating habits. she also interacted with the students regarding the major concerns related to health and well being and sorted our there quries.

To make this learning session more interacted and health and diet based games and quiz were also held. students in over whelming number enthusiastically particpated in the activity showcasing their understanding of nurtition and diet.

the principal of the college Dr Puneet bedi appreciated the endeavour of organising interaction with diet epxert Dietitian SHreya in th wake of rising concers about health and lifestyle issues.

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