Corporate Wellness Program with #IDEA was organised by the Dietitian Shreya Family Diet Clinic in November this year keeping in mind the corporate lifestyle. The aim of this program was target the corporates who are facing health issue due to their lifestyle.

The corporate mantra is work -life balance which needs to be modified to work, health and life balance with programs from our Diet Clinic. These wellness programs help to improve the health of the employees and motivate them to give their best, thereby improving the productivity of any company, Shreya said.

After each talk, various queries of the participants were answered. 9 am to 9 pm Diets, Anti Stress Diets, Diet during Tours and health and Diet Based Games & Quiz were conducted.

It was an excellent workshop and it opened our eyes to so many mistakes we make and how it had been affecting our health, said, Uttam Sahay, Vice-President HR,

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