Why are you silent? Asked Rohit….
Anuradha kept silent holding medical reports in her hands! …. She kept ignoring those lumps in her tender breast; finally, after months of ignorance, she discussed it with her friend who suggested her to get it diagnosed. Reports were showing Breast Cancer, doctors have suggested chemotherapy that’s all she could utter from her mumbling lips.

Where have I gone wrong? She kept thinking, and finally got her answer with Dt. Shreya, who’s not only a clinical nutritionist but also a great support as a friend. Dt. Shreya and team helped her with improving her medical parameters with Rainbow, high protein, and antioxidant-rich diets. Reports moved from haemoglobin 7.9 to haemoglobin 11, when she joined her muscles were very weak now she is doing all the household activities well. that’s an achievement, not only for Anuradha but for Dt. Shreya and team also. Unfortunately, there are still an uncountable number of ladies who are ignoring the symptoms and not focusing towards their health.

Dt. Shreya provides us with a list of these important things…

Dear ladies, please be careful about the symptoms, tender breast, lump in breast or armpit, blood discharge from the breast, redness of breast and change in shape or size of breast. Get your medical tests repeated every six months…list includes CBC, HbA1C, Lipid profile, Renal profile, uric acid, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12.
Obesity, hormonal imbalance, alcohol consumption and an unhealthy lifestyle are the most common risk factors for breast cancer.

Foods for breast cancer patient
Dt. Shreya and her team suggest to keep your platter colorful, eat RAINBOW diet, and include Ginger Turmeric tea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLK4BPlACQY&t=2s) and other anti-inflammatory foods to your diet.

Anuradha is now a happy and healthy cancer survivor. Dt. Shreya and her team are serving numerous of people. Get yourself and your loved ones inspected. For further queries feel free to call at 7307303835. We all are together in this PINK MOVEMENT. STAY HEALTHY.

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