What comes in your mind when you think of winters? Chapped lips and cracked heels? Cold and dry weather and heavy woolen wears? Sure winter is all about these. But do you also know that winter is the best season to improve your immunity? During this time, people feel hungrier. Incredibly, the body engine works better in the winter and food is better digested. This aids in providing more nourishment to body. Bajra has been consumed for many years by our ancestors and has many health benefits. There is one main thing about the traditional diet our ancestors followed , it is eating according to the season.
Bajra: Pearl millet, a substantive ingredient for healthy lifestyle. This rich in protein millet should be included in your winter diet as it is a great energy source. Bajra will keep you energetic during winters as it takes longer time to break down and makes you feel full for longer time. Bajra also provide essential amino acids like methionine and tryptophan. Not only rich in proteins but also keeps your heart healthy by lowering blood cholesterol levels. It will keep you warm and will help you bashing winter chills, what you need is just to give it a place in your diet. Let me now put down benefits of bajra in this post:
Rich source of iron: This grain is packed with iron, which aids in improving hemoglobin levels in blood and prevents anemia.
Good source of energy: Experts say that amino acids in bajra are easily digestible when compared to wheat grains. It is packed with a bunch of energy boosters which is a long acting source of energy.
Prevents cancer : Studies carried out conclude that regular use of bajra can lower the risk of cancer because it consist cancer protecting agents.
Lowers cholesterol : Niacin residing in bajra plays a vital role in lowering cholesterol level in the blood. Magnesium and potassium in this grain helps to regulate blood pressure. Other assorted phytonutrients in bajra lowers the risk of heart attack.
Improves digestion: fiber in bajra helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation not just this regular intake can keep other digestive related problems at bay.
Bajra for diabetes: The blood sugar level will be under check if you consume it regularly in breakfast also the energy source helps to keep you full till the lunch without hunger pangs.
Bajra for weight loss: You eat more when you feel hungry for long time. Fiber and long lasting energy in this grain helps to burn fat.
Improve nervous system: Moderate vitamin B housed in this grain plays crucial role in healthy functioning of nervous system.
Free from gluten: People with celiac disease may find bajra useful, as the wheat we normally we eat consist of gluten which can damage small intestine surface due to immune reaction.
Good for skin and hair: Minerals proteins and vitamins packed in bajra keeps your skin and hair healthy. It is not accompanied by any serious reaction.
You must consult your dietitian before adding bajra in your diet, as it is rich in proteins, excessive use of these grains cause high uric acid deposit in system so people with kidney and rheumatic disease should use it with care. As mentioned above, bajra comes with immense health benefits and uses. If you have known the importance of whole grains, then you should make a conscious effort to include bajra in your diet.

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