Hello Mumbaikars, how is batata vada, bhel puri and faaloda is treating you? Well, guess what! The No.1 Dietitian of North India and one of the leading dietitians of the country have cured the most painful diseases without any medications or treatment is coming here to treat you. With having a chain of 10 clinics across the North India, Dietitian Shreya has proudly stepped in West India with her 11th  Clinic in Mumbai. We got a great fortune to ask questions from her:

Q. What led you to open your 11th Clinic in the Mumbai- The city of dreams?

The answer of this question is in your question only, Mumbai-The City of Dreams, People here are working hard, day and night just to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. In this routine they skip what and when they are eating which leads to numerous of health problems such as Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, PCOS/ PCOD, Thyroid, Eating Disorders. These are the main health problems that are directly linked with diets. Moreover, this can lead to more life threatening diseases. To take care of Mumbaikar’s health I decided to open a clinic in Mumbai.

Q. You have managed your 10 clinics in a very magnificent manner and you are even providing online services. Can you please tell us how you handle everything in such a wonderful manner?

The focus is indeed the tool to achieve, and it must be accompanied by the person’s hard work and passion. Taking into consideration what the people are suffering from and what is the need of people kept me awake me to work even during the difficult situations.

Q. What are your further plans?

I never want to limit the area of my service, and I am constantly working to expand it. Diets are not only provided to the people visiting my clinics but through online services as well to the people from other cities and countries. I have even introduced Mobile Dietitian for those who are unable to visit our clinic due to their busy schedule, age or health issues. I am going to open a Multi-Specialty Diet Clinic in Australia and U.S.A. as well.

Q. What makes you incomparable from other Dietitians?

Complete Body Analysis, Diets made as per your Medical Profile, No medicines, Starvation or Portion controls makes my diet completely distinctive. However, there is no weight bounce back after my diets if taken for a definite period. Diabetes, PCODs is easily cured with diets; Rest results speak better than words.

Q. You handle critical cases which are avoided by others. Please discuss something about this.

I have handled numerous of people suffering from Down’s Syndrome, Juvenile Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, Kidney Failure (CKD), Cystic Fibrosis, Prostate Cancer, and much more.

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